Price List



Our Price List

Full Day Care - Babies:

€220 per week or €953 per month

Full Day Care - Over 2 years old:

€200 per week or €867 per month


We offer playgroup through ECCE for children who are 2 and 7 months in the September of the year. The fees are covered by ECCE with optional extras.

After School Hours:

€125 per week, We collect from Bishop Shanahans and Bishop Galvin National Schools.

Full Day Care – ECCE Scheme:

€135.50 for 38 weeks then €200 for remaining 14 weeks.

(This can be arranged to be paid through the 43 weeks September-June at a payment of €143 per week or €620 per month) 


Date of price list: September 2018

Prices may be subject to change.

Prices are calculated over a 52 week year. Monthly prices are calculated by multiplying by 52 dividing by 12. 

After school fees are paid through term time from September - June, arrangement for summer by individual basis. All children who stay during summer for afterschool guaranteed a place in following September. 

Fees are to paid in advance on the first of the month or weekly.