We offer playgroup for children aged two and six months upwards. The playgroup runs every morning during school term from 9:00am – 12:00am. We tie our midterm breaks with Bishop Shanahan National School, Templeogue.

There are three playgroup rooms. The children use play to explore their senses and surroundings. They are encouraged to develop their imagination and personality through natural means such as water, sand, painting and playdough. The children spend half of their morning in the playgroup areas where they are given confidence to develop social skills through group and physical games. They have weekly themes where they learn, sing-songs and make crafts based on topics from their surroundings such as different foods or animals.

During the morning the larger group of children will learn through the Montessori method of education where sensory development is encouraged through interactive experiences. Children individually learn through natural and practical activities such as threading and pouring. It is our aim to enhance each child’s social, cognitive, and physical development in order to give them the strongest base on which to move to “big school”

We currently can offer Early Childhood Care and Education places to children aged between three and three months and four years and six months in September each year. The government covers the children fee for the playgroup hours from September till June. For fulltime children the< ECCE scheme is deducted from the child’s fee over the full year. For further information see the ECCE Parents Leaflet