Parent Information


To help us to provide a quality service it is important for us to have input from the parent/guardian. By working together we can help the child to reach his or her full potential.



Parents/ guardians are welcome to visit their children to make sure they are settling in and to discuss issues relating to the child with our staff members. We feel it is important for the child to see a trusting relationship between the parent/guardian and us the care-givers. This may help the child to develop trusting relationships with our staff team. We would advise any parent with children starting in the creche to visit their child/ children and stay for a short while. This may help the child to become familiar with his/ her new surroundings.

Our owners Sylvia and Kay and our manager Audrey are always on hand to discuss any issues you may have or that have arisen during your child’s day. You can always request to speak to the staff member minding your child. Once your child has settled and is one year old or older we can not permit that parents discuss issues within the room where the children are cared for. This is purely for the safety of all the children in our care who need our their carers attention constantly. If you wish to talk to staff we will arrange cover so that you can within discuss within our meeting areas.