Full Day Care

Happy Days offer full day care to children aged four months upwards for 52 weeks of the year from 8:00am-6:00pm. Closing for just bank holidays and Christmas during the year. Our full day care is offered in differing service based on age:


Our youngest children are cared for in our cosy and warm baby room. Our focus is on comfort and we offer a homely atmosphere where babies are encouraged to start to explore their surroundings. Babies needs are met in all areas of safety, physical development and nutrition. We promote a closer relationship between our baby room staff and parents, to give parents confidence that we will fulfill their child’s needs. Each child has his or her own diary where staff give details of their babies daily activities. The staff are constantly available to parents during our opening hours in person or by phone.


The wobblers are the next stage where the children move when they can cope with a little more physical activity, so are generally able to walk. This room is much larger and brighter to assist physical dexterity and learning how to further explore the world around them. The activities are based on exploration of senses and language development.


When the children reach toddler room age the focus moves from physical exploration to learning to socialise with others. The toddler room is a little more structured so that the children can gain social skills and learn to share with their friends. The toddler is encouraged in physical development through playing, dancing or in the garden while also learning the importance of sitting and enjoying quieter activities such as jigsaws or story time.


In the morning children in the playgroup are joined by friends and attend the Montessori.(Please see playgroup section) During the afternoon the children are given less structured play. They are encouraged in free play and are given the decision on much of their activities. During the wet months we play group drama games, while in the summer months we spend as much as possible of the afternoon out in the air whether the back-garden or over in Tymon park feeding the ducks or playing physical games.