Mission Statement

Happy Days Crèche believes in education through play. We balance the children’s day between free play and more structured events. We are committed to creating a child centred environment for all the children in our care.

Independence is particularly important for the younger child, whose individuality can be stifled by early constraints of regimented learning. We allow children to have the freedom of choice in their activities and to allow them to become active agents in their learning from an early age. We have created an environment that is nurturing and stimulating to the varying age groups needs. Through our curriculum based on Aistear learning is guided through the community, shared experiences and the children’s interests. Play based learning can benefit children in constructing their own learning profile based on their individual needs and their own unique perspective. 


We guide the children’s language, social, physical and intellectual development through our programme of activities. Our aim is to facilitate the child to develop at their own pace and whilst also motivating new skills.

We encourage heuristic play through natural materials of water, sand, paint, playdough, music movement, storytelling and nature. These natural methods develop physical co-ordination in the young child and also co-operation and problem solving techniques in older children. We hope that every child who moves from Happy Days with a strong learning foundation that they can build on as they move to “big” school.